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Alphabetical list of comic book characters

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Comic book characters act as direct links between the readers and the artist. They serve as the artists’ media to share and communicate their ideas to the people and, at the same time, entertain them.
Marvel comic characters list , heroes & villains

More than just figments of imagination, comic book personalities mirror human nature, culture and even the geo-political condition of the time. One might even say that comic book characters are indirect historical records of human progress.

To emphasize the importance of the characters in comic books, we decided to create a dedicated comic book character database, which is separate from our list of comic books categorized by genre.

This database is a comprehensive list of comic book characters ranging from the most famous superheroes and villains to the obscure and the mysterious. For ease of use, the database has been arranged in alphabetical order.

This database is a comprehensive list of comic book characters, arranged alphabetically; featuring comic characters that range from the most famous superheroes and villains to the obscure and the mysterious.

All characters listed have their own character pages that offer a glimpse of the actual comic book and the character’s background story. In some instances, the page will include a list of the recommended key issues that are significant to the development of the characters and the series.

All listed characters have their own character pages with a brief yet informative synopsis containing its background story, creators, themes, awards, and other significant details, both about the character and the series itself.

To provide you with more information about the character, every character page includes relevant links to other websites. These useful links are composed of the comic’s official website, the website of the artist or publisher, fan sites, and even comic art sites dedicated to the character.

For added information, each character page provides helpful links for relevant sites; official website, artist, publisher, fan sites, movie site, and even comic art sites dedicated to the character.

We understand that the deeds of the comic characters listed are meant to be read in its true form – as comic books. So every character page has a link to a website where you can read the comic book, full or partially, for free.

Most important of all, this catalog gives its visitors the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and information about the character through the review section.

This comic character catalog is constantly updated so we invite you to bookmark and visit the database regularly

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This page is about: the complete list of the most popular comic book characters in the world, classified alphabetically from A to Z.

Our catalog of comic characters display comic series & comic book protagonists, heroes, villains from all over the world & in old field of comics from alternative, children, marvel, DC & many other types of comics.

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