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Returning from a self imposed exile, Spider Jerusalem is now back doing the job he hates in the city he loathes.

Forced to once again work as an investigative reporter, Spider will once more attack the injustices of the 23rd century. He ventures into Angels 8 district, a dangerous place which serves home to the Transients (humans who turned into aliens with the help of cosmetic surgery).

Spider Jerusalem’s character is inspired by Hunter S. Thompson, founder of gonzo journalism. Through Spider’s articles and his filthy assistants, he dedicates himself to fighting the corruption and abuse of 2 successive US presidents.

Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Darick Robertson, Transmetropolitan is a cyberpunk, sci fi comic book series published by DC comics on 1997. This monthly series was concluded in 2002 and were later on reprinted in graphic novel forms.

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Spider Jerusalem comic art by Mark Robinson. Click on the link to browse more Transmetropolitan graphic novel drawings and illustrations.

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Comics publisher of Transmetropolitan comic books and graphic novels. Visit DC comics Vertigo for more mature and controversial titles.

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Spider Jerusalem is the main protagonist in the cyberpunk comic book series, Transmetropolitan. Visit Transmetropolitan comics official website for helpful information, news, updates, photos, gallery, and more. Read Transmetropolitan graphic novels online. Transmetropolitan is written by Warren Ellis and published by Vertigo. This Transmetropolitan comics directory provides helpful Transmetropolitan comics links and resources.

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