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About Rahan comics

Rahan is an intelligent prehistoric man. When his tribe and his home was destroyed by a volcanic erruption, he started to travel from one land to the other; spreading goodwill, cooperation, and concern to everyone.

He is dubbed as the Son of the Savage ages, yet his ethics are composed of courage, wisdom, resilience, and generosity. Such characteristics are represented by his bear claw necklace from his adoptive father.

Originally created by Roger Lecrureux and Andre Cheret, Rahan is a French comic book series which debuted as part of the Pif Gadget.

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Creator site
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Roger Lécureux English
He is among the main scenarists of realistic comics, Roger Lécureux created Rahan comic books and other series which varies from history to science fiction.

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Andre Cheret English
Rahan comics artist Andre Cheret on Lambiek. Learn of his works, illustrations, and other famous creations and contributions to comic industry.

Official site
Value of old comics English
Rahan comics official website. The site provides news, interviews, fans area, archives, and more Son of the savage ages links as well as updates.

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