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About Magneto comics

Born Max Eisenhardt, Magneto is the prime super villain of the X men.

Magneto had a challenging childhood; he went through a chapter in his life where he had to endure discrimination and hardships. During the rise of Nazi to power, Marx and his family struggled survival due to their Jewish heritage. His father, mother, and sisters were executed and were buried in a mass grave, but he survived, saved by the manifestation of his mutant powers.

When Magneto resurfaced, he had turned to terrorism but with a goal of mutant supremacy. He is determined to use deadly forces just to protect his own kind. He envisioned Earth to be peacefully dominated by the mutants and enslaving humanity in the process.

Magneto comics was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and published by Marvel comics. His supervillain and sci fi comic book character fist appeared in the first issue of X Men on September 1963.

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